Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro – Orange and Anodized Blue Trim


The fully modular SCUF Infinity 4PS PRO is the newest member of the highly acclaimed SCUF Infinity series. With the Infinity 4PS PRO, you benefit from two removable paddles which are recessed into the back of the controller body, improved switch technology and circuit boards for better click-through rates on the paddles, while maintaining the familiarity of the SCUF Infinity 4PS.



  • Compatible with PS4 and PC
  • Scuf Paddle Control System
  • No EMR – Paddles pre-programmed to X and O
  • 3-in1 Trigger System
  • Quick Shift Trigger Stops
  • Trigger extenders
  • Adjustable Hair Triggers
  • Shell Colour – Orange
  • Trim Kit –Anodized Blue
  • Button Kit – Anodized Blue
  • Scuf Military Grip – Blue
  • Scuf Domed (Left) and Scuf Domed (Right)
  • Rumbles In
  • Ring and Lock System


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