Royal Elite eSports – Battlefield Team


Established in September 2017 with only 8 players on the roaster. The Team was entered into Season 1 of the Battlebros – Battlefield Clan Wars in January. Due to Player count, we did not qualify for a higher Division that Division 4. The Current player count stands at 20 active members


January – March:
We took 1st place within Division 4 at the T5 Champions (5 aside Domination League).

After which we grew in numbers, able to enter higher Divisions (12 aside Leagues).


April – June:
We were moved into Division 3 and  took 2nd place in Division 3 (12 aside Rush), Only Loosing to MSMK 4-1 in Week 6


July – September:
We were then moved into Division 3 and ended 1st being undefeated and only losing 1 map out of 15.


Previous Computations/Leagues and placings

Battlebros – Battlefield Clan Wars

Season 1 Division 4 – 5 aside Domination
(8 Players) – 1st place and T5 Champions


Season 2 Division 3 – 12 aside Rush
(18 Players) – 2nd Place after losing to MSMK in the final game 4-1


Season 3 Division 2 – 12 aside Conquest
(20 Players) – 1st Place Division 2 Champions


Name: Stewart Chalmers
Gamertag: Royal_9Seconds

Name: Zachariah Goodman
Gamertag: ZzzGreatman


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  • NoLimitzZ

    Been one hell of a ride so far. This team has grown beyond my beliefs and we will continue to grow till we reach the top.
    Extremely proud to have every single of the players apart of RoyaL Elite eSports

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