Interview with a young veteran in the #CodZA community @Beyond (J-FROM-THE-SOUTH)

I personally met Jason during the competitive season of MW3 in 2012 and always lost to him in the FFA Tournaments.

I remember introducing him to all our online friends and also telling his mother what a talented young man he was. I can recall she was very proud to receive the compliments about her 16 years old son at the time


I approached Jason and I asked if he would be interested in doing an interview for an article about SA eSports and he was extremely excited and immediately jumped at the opportunity


Please, will you Introduce yourself to the readers, where are you from, how old are you, what do you do in the real world?

My name is Jason Louw, I’m 23 years old (Born 1995) and I’m from Johannesburg. When I’m not playing my part in the world of eSports, you’ll find me at Bruma Nissan as their Administration Clerk (In summary I run the daily routines of the company)


When did you first start gaming? What are the first games you remember playing? What left the greatest impact on you? What is your favourite game of all time?

I’ve been gaming for pretty much my whole life, even from the age of 3 as seen in pictures of me playing on the Sega machine with my Dad.

Although I only got seriously into gaming when I got my first PS2 and Medal of Honour: Rising Sun, that’s when the FPS interests started to spark.


My favourite game series is definitely Call of Duty, there are many amazing games out there but the majority of my time is on COD. The game has also impacted my life immensely from helping me develop communication/ people skills over the Mic as I was a shy nervous wreck back in the day and even to the point where it’s affected my career path in life


How did you choose your PSN ID?

I have 2 aliases’ in which people know me. My first PSN ID (and still to this day) is J-FROM-THE-SOUTH, 15-year-old Jason had no clue at the time what to choose so Jason from South Africa would suffice. Then when I reached competitive levels in COD, when I moved to Xbox 360 I needed a shorter name. I looked around my room to find inspiration and there it was, my PS3 game called Beyond: Two Souls, and thus Beyond was born


Give us details on your current setup?

  • Console – PS4 Pro 1TB
  • Monitor – Dell 24″ SE2416H
  • Controller – Scuf Infinity Pro
  • Headset – Astro A40s
  • Internet – 4MB line (Sadly)


When did you start competing competitively?

Competitive COD and I have a long lasting relationship which started in 2010 when I started playing Black Ops 1 on PS3. I met my first fellow SA player in an international game, he introduced me to local games (as we called it when there wasn’t a massive player base and we had to open lobbies and invite players to join) and invited me into his clan in which we entered into a few online tournaments. Much love to Cbrandyn/ RawR_Bikerboy for getting me into the scene.


My first LAN event, however, is broken down into two aspects : Solo – I entered into many FFA tournaments hosted by MainGaming, placing second numerous times as it was my curse, coming joint first and then the curse was broken and won about 3 in a row till they pulled out of the COD scene. My team LAN event all started in 2014 if I’m not mistaken with Insane Gaming under the MwebGameZone LAN which was hosted in JHB.


What are some of the teams that you played in? What was your role in those teams?

I’ve had the pleasure to play alongside a lot of talent that CODZA had/ has to offer, the teams are as follows:

  • HRC
  • eVo Blue (2nd team)
  • 13K
  • 13L (Mixed with Legion in BO2)
  • Apex
  • Insane Gaming
  • Mythic Gaming
  • Osaka
  • RawR


I prefer the OBJ role with a sub in hand, BO2 I was more of an OBJ Flex depending on the map and mode, but primarily focused on Subs in most CODs.


My notable achievements are very fuzzy, comes with age I guess, but ones to note out on is coming 2nd in the DGC held at rAge for COD Ghosts under Insane Gaming in 2014 and qualifying for the MAGCUP with Mythic Gaming, being part of the top 8 who made it through to rAge above a total of 36 teams who entered (I stand to be corrected)


When did you start cod casting? How did it happen that a player becomes a caster?

After a break up with RawR this year during WWII, I really lost my drive to compete anymore. Teaming with Insane for 2 years and then having to branch out. I hadn’t been jumping between many teams before, so it really hindered my drive.


One day Chantelle Alexander who at the time was secretly training herself as the caster for Mettlestate approached me and we recorded a VOD together, we were both happy and knew if we put in the effort we could make it work. That’s how I found a new passion which kept me involved with eSports and my love for COD.


I have co-casted with Chantelle during the Astro Gaming Championship held by Mettlestate, and I have assisted CGA who needed a caster to fill in one of the nights for their tournament.


What are your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve in the community? Do you want to be a player, part of an organisation or do you want to be a caster? Or do you just want to do it all?

I’m the kind of guy to ride the waves as they come and go but in the world of eSports, there are many growing paths one can undertake. Casting with Mettlestate in future leagues/ championships is my primary concern and goal to keep striving on. I do miss competing, however; I could find myself competing in BO4 but on a more casual level with some old teammates.


What do you think the cod community needs more than anything? What is holding us back? What will make us reach CWL?

This is a topic which is heavily debated within #CodZA; there are many aspects to this. To list one which I find is notable, Benson, (When he was here for MAGCUP) myself and few players had the pleasure to speak with him and he had said that the level of skill that we are on, won’t compete with teams from overseas. Which makes sense, for example the average tier team won’t breach the skill gap of Energy or BVD if they don’t scrim them, we aren’t exposed to playing against the likes of Optic or any of them so we can’t improve and complete on that level.


eSports is growing at a massive rate in the world, another way for us to reach that level is to be able to push out content creation through streams so we can get noticed by CWL and the rest etc. Let them know that we have highly skilled players who have immense potential. I can’t remember exactly but I think it was Japan? Or some country around the EU/Asia side gained international renown because of the interest they created in the community which promoted numbers in viewership. eSports is a business and we need to remember that, the CWL will look for a return on their investment


Why do you think there is conflict between some of the teams? And how can we minimise on any sort of conflict

In life, there will always be conflict, regardless of in real life or in the gaming world. Its human nature I guess but there are times when it gets a bit too much. We’ve seen through Twitter especially when things get heated between players. Fair enough a bit of a rivalry or bad blood can create interesting storylines for the teams competing but there’s always a line. We see it crossed a lot by the younger players, I honestly feel it’s that sense of entitlement that some of them think they deserve.


I’ve even seen players calling out tournament organizers for the lack of tournaments or prize money while failing to realise such things are expensive and difficult especially without sponsorships. I feel organizations need to really clamp down on their players and enforce good behaviour, whether you state your views are your own – you still represent the team you play for and #CodZA in general, you don’t know it but everyone is watching and that includes sponsors and the big leagues out there.


On a lighter note, we are a growing community, we are all still playing our part to grow #CodZA and hopefully one day reach the level of competition which past players and organisations have been fighting for since the start of their eSports careers. If we all play our part and do it professionally I know we will make it one day and that’s all I want for everyone that’s part of #CodZA


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