Gamemissy – “Interview with a Trophy Huntress”

We first met Adele du Plessis (or “gamemissy” as she is known in the community) years ago when she assisted us with a few multiplayer and co-op related trophies. She is incredibly talented and helpful, and a true gamer that has a true passion for gaming.


Adele joined Elite Gaming on the 28th of July 2018 as our official Trophy Huntress and we couldn’t be prouder to count her amongst the #EliteArmy.


Where it all started:

I started gaming from around the age of 6 with games like Contra, Donkey Kong and Mario.


I got my PlayStation 1 in 1999 with a copy of Final Fantasy VII, and to this day it remains my favourite game and series. This event sparked an interest within me and later when Final Fantasy X was released, I had no choice but to upgrade to the PlayStation 2.


Soon after the release of the PlayStation 3, Sony introduced “trophies”- an in-game award or achievement presented to players for hitting specific targets or reaching certain milestones during the progression of a game. Many of these trophies forced the player to spend more time and even complete multiple playthroughs to earn all the trophies and the elusive “Platinum.”


This is what I had been waiting for- it was an exciting new way of comparing your skill and endurance against other players both locally and internationally. Gaming and trophy hunting is something that I really enjoy doing.


On the 7th of February 2009, I earned my very first trophy (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – First Treasure) and a shiny Platinum Trophy soon thereafter on the 18th April 2009 (Resident Evil 5).


Currently, I’m ranked 14th on the South African Leaderboard on PSNProfiles with a total of 188 Platinum trophies, and I’m rapidly closing in on 10 000 trophies in total. My next goal is to achieve and consistently hold a position in the top 10.


Some of my favourite Platinum Trophies include:

Wipeout HD

Demon’s Souls (All three versions)


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dead Space 2



PSN Profiles

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  • Rupert

    Hi well done you doing good i am also a platinum trophy hunter aswell i love to collect trophies its my hobby i have 34 platinums busy with wrc 7 platinums almost have it and i am happy

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