Fortnite Balloons: What to expect

Fortnite Balloons: What to expect

In the news within the game, we have seen that Fortnite Balloons will appear in-game in the update either Wednesday or Thursday. However, we already sourced out what the item will do and how the animation may look like:

  • Inflate Balloons to defy gravity
  • Add More Balloons To Gain More Air


At this point we do not know the duration of the Balloons, or if it is a consumable or an item that will take up inventory space. But as soon as they appear in-game we will update you on all the necessary information.


Other Items That Have Been Leaked

Besides the Balloons that has been leaked and confirmed. They may have other cosmetics, backpacks and skins leaked and may appear in Fortnite.


The link for the twitter video 

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