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Motion eSports was one of the first teams that Elite Gaming played against when the founding roster was put together and started to scrim in June 2018. The players from both organisations developed their skills in late night scrims and very quickly a friendship developed


After some discussion in regards to goals and team vision, Motion eSports joined Elite Gaming as an independently run team on the 25th of June 2018 and then changed their name to Elite Motion. Elite Gaming is listed as the “Clan” on the VS Gaming website with Elite Motion as one of the affiliated teams


History of Motion

The team was started and formed the 1st of May 2018 by the following members:

Owner: Mitchell Ritchie (RastaFury25)

Co-Owner: Christopher Larsen (iJuMp3R_za)

Co-Owner: Michael Hawes (iXeno_za)


The reason we started Motion was for the fact that all three of us knew we could do big things in the #CodZa community; the only way we could achieve this was by starting something of our own.


We took the leap of leaving our current teams and starting Motion in May where we entered into the DGL for Call of Duty. The team started off as RastaFury25, iJuMp3R_za, Wretchey, iXeno_za and Shooiman. Over the past few months, we have acquired enough players so that two teams now play under Motion, and we are slowly picking up teams for different games such as CSGO, PubG and Dota2.


On the 14th of August, we acquired two streamers; The Overclock Gamer and Bronny Girl. They stream almost every day and we couldn’t be any prouder of them.


The Motion Roster Consists of the following:

Motion eSports (1st Team)

iJuMp3R_za (Christopher Larsen)

Dropz_zx (Matthew)

Wretchey (Brodie Jacobs)

Macwiggins (Keagan Lamb)


Elite Motion (2nd Team)

RastaFury25 (Mitchell Ritchie)

iXeno_za (Michael Hawes)

Shooiman (Snyman van der Walt)

Jarrettborrill (Jarrett Borrill)

Judah_3 (Jason Smith)



Bronwyn143 (Bronwyn Kipling)- YouTube:

Reenboog-Perd (Lourens Erasmus) – YouTube:


Both teams are going to be competing in Black ops 4 season and will work incredibly had to reach the highest level of competition in South Africa. Over the past two months, we have picked up a couple of sponsors being BossLabz, Fatal Grips and Topline Panelbeaters. We have set goals this year and looking forward to achieving them.


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